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Christoph u Anselma klein Christoph-Mario Veit

For the first time, I took a bassoon reed apart when I was 12 years old. This thing totally fascinated me. How did it do the magic to create this wonderful sound?? And I have to admit, that to this day I am a reed nerd. I got inspiration about reed making from my poor teachers  – I was not the kind of student that can easily be influenced. But I am proud to say I found all the little tricks how to make great reeds all by myself. This makes my work as a reed maker today deeply enjoyable and fulfilling. And by the way: of course I did all the academic studies of music and also was a professional orchestra dude. But reed making is my thing. Really.

Bio: Master of Art, Studies at University for Music Munich and Mozarteum Salzburg | Professional Bassoon player at Philharmonie Koblenz, Stadttheater Coburg, Philharmonisches Orchester Augsburg and Volksoper Wien | Bassoon Teacher Music School Vienna


Anselma Veit

Making reeds has always been some mysterious thing for me. I found it uber cool that bassoonists always carry around half of their household. And I was more than thrilled to get part of this down-to-earth and always-a-gadget-in-the-pocket club. I have quite a lively personality and reed making has a meditative, calming effect on me. I love that. I make all the stuff on Christoph’s reeds that are not cane and brass. In essence, I am his “reed winding machine”. I do make all the little red, green, golden or whatever color turk hats by hand and I put the varnish on them. I also make the coffee. And yes, I studied music as well. Lots.