BASSOON Reed / Professional


Custom made and tested bassoon reed in excellent quality.
Best for:

  • concert reeds for pros and ambitious amateurs
  • Bassoon literature
  • Orchestra literature

Reed features:

  • warm, round sound
  • Resistance: choose your preference
  • Cane density: medium dense /dense

Manufacturing your reeds will take 6-8 weeks.

quantity discount: minimum   6 reeds -3%
quantity discount: minimum 12 reeds -5%

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Carefully manufactured bassoon reeds in best quality.

Hand selected cane for your high expectations and standards.

Our slow and step by step all hand made production process guarantees longevity of our reeds as well as stability in sound and reliability.

Best for:

  • Practice
  • Chamber music
  • Orchestra
  • Marching Band
  • Public performance
  • Concerts


– shape: Rieger 2

– cane density: 55-59

– tube: 29 mm, blade: 27-28 mm

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soft, medium, strong